Green IT is now a reality.

 Concept: All BytePac components have been optimized in terms of environmental compatibility and energy efficiency.

For instance, even the outer packaging and that of the connector kit can be used as a desktop rack. Read on to find out what else makes BytePac an ecologically-sound and sustainable product.

BytePac is the only IT product that totally, and for the first time, turns Green IT into a reality.

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Conventional external hard drive casing is usually made of synthetic fibres. The majority use plastics won from crude oil despite the well-known fact that this raw material is not unlimited. What’s more, many plastics are extremely resistant to environmental influences and biodegrade very badly. They either sit on landfills for thousands of years or generate, to some extent, poisonous reaction products when burnt. Harmful starting materials and intermediate products that production workers are often exposed to represent additional problems. Not to mention that the waste material has to be disposed of, which can lead to repeated and significant environmental damage.

BytePacs are made from renewable primary products from Europe, in Europe. This supports local regions and reduces the environmental impact to a minimum. Environmental standards in Europe account for a significant share of production costs, but they keep our environment low in pollutants. Last but not least, once the product has completed its life cycle, it can be disposed of by burning almost without residue and at a high energy yield, by composting, or optimally by being recycled anew as waste paper.

  Apart from its environmentally friendly properties, BytePac also offers a whole range of practical benefits. Find out more …

 Packaging: Dual functionality means less waste

Additional shipping packaging? Not with BytePac. No matter which version of BytePac you order, no extra packaging is used for the Connector Kit or the hard drive. There’s no need to throw away the outer packaging – use it as an archive box to store your BytePacs instead! Easy to store and easy to access.

Zero waste! BytePac is both packaging and casing in one, you can even use the shipping packaging as a desktop rack.

 Connecting and using: Multiple uses and sustainability

Use the powerful and energy-efficient Connector Kit for all your hard drives. Instead of having a separate set of interface and power cables for each external hard drive, all you need is one Connector Kit for all your BytePacs. The modular system of the kit lets you upgrade any parts as needed. The kit can be used over and over again – with new systems, new hard drives, or with new standards.

One set of cables for all; there’s no need for a whole collection anymore. ONE Connector Kit works with ALL your BytePacs.

 Disposal: 100% recyclable

BytePac is made of corrugated cardboard. That makes it a sturdy, break-proof and shock-proof system that will keep your hard drives safe from damage for many years. And should you at some point really need to get rid of it, simply dispose of it in your waste paper bin, so that it can be returned to the raw materials cycle.

Simple, environmentally-friendly and residue-free disposal.

 Waste prevention: Keeping electronic waste to a minimum

Each electronic component can be replaced separately. A damaged power adapter, PowerBox, interface module or any of the cables can be exchanged individually as need be. That’s easy on your wallet and good for the environment.

Only replace faulty parts if and as necessary. Not the entire system.

 Material: Cardboard. Made entirely from renewable raw materials.

BytePac is an immediate eye-catcher: It is made entirely of cardboard, a renewable raw material. A hard drive case made from plastics requires around 350ml crude oil; but an FSC-certified BytePac represents a responsible use of natural resources.

Pack. Connect. Pack away. Simply bytepac.
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