FAQ – everything you always wanted to know about BytePac.

 Question: Why should I use a BytePac?

Answer: BytePac has a number of benefitsover many other data storage systems. It was designed with user-friendliness and interface-technology evolution in mind; hence its modular system, flexible cabling and the absence of fixed electronic components. Whatever the future brings, BytePac will always be the perfect interface solution for connecting external hard drives. To use a hard drive as a flexible external data carrier, just slide it into a BytePac and connect it to your PC or game pad. When it’s not in use, store your hard drive compactly and safely on the shelf. Using a BytePac is also kind to the environment as it generates no additional packaging material, cable clutter or electronic waste if any of the connectors need to be exchanged. Green IT is more than a phrase for us: it’s a reality.

 Question: Cardboard is known for its good thermal properties. Can a BytePac become overheated after prolonged use or the cardboard catch fire?

 Video demonstration

Answer: When using external hard drives, good thermal dissipation is essential. The design and materials used in BytePac make it ideal for permanent use without excess heat accumulation. The vent holes on the top and bottom of the BytePac act as a passive ventilation system. With the collapsible stand in place, air can circulate freely and sufficient heat release is guaranteed. Due to its low density, cardboard is also much more permeable than the plastics or aluminium used in conventional drive cases. Heat is therefore dispersed very evenly instead of being concentrated at just a few sites. You can test this yourself: Take a piece of cardboard and try to blow air through it, then try the same with a piece of plastic.

BytePac is ideal for both short-term and heavy duty use. In the case of untreated cardboard, a fire risk develops at a temperature of around 235°C. Standard hard drives usually only achieve temperatures of approx. 40°C to 50°C during normal usage. Even a hard drive of inferior quality will hardly ever heat to over 95°C. Fire hazards due to heat build-up can therefore be ruled out. As the BytePac itself is electronics-free, there is also no danger of smouldering fires. The Connector Kit– used to connect the BytePac to your PC – guarantees high safety standards and carries all the necessary European approvals and certifications.

 Question: If it’s merely made of cardboard, then I can make my own BytePac out of old boxes at home. Why should I pay money for three cardboard boxes?

Answer: Now there’s an idea! We’ve obviously inspired your creativity here. If you really do manage to build your own BytePac from old boxes, then send us some photos and tell us what you did. We dare say that you’ll discover it’s not as simple as it appears at first sight. Because ...

A 3.5' hard drive fits so snugly into a BytePac that there is absolutely no room for movement when in use, i.e. it can’t and won’t slip around. Nevertheless, it is easy to insert and remove.

The cardboard spring ensures perfect cushioning and a secure fit.

BytePac is cut from one piece of cardboard. You won’t find any adhesives, brackets or screw joints. It’s made of 100% FSC-certified cardboard and is 100% recyclable.

The BytePac sleeve is a perfect fit and can be easily replaced if it gets damaged or too dirty

The collapsible stand on the bottom of the box provides a safe and sturdy support for your external hard drive.

Holes on the top and bottom of the sleeve ensure a passive ventilation system by means of sufficient air circulation and heat release.

The opening for the connecting cable, protected by a fold-out flap, is the perfect size for the one-cable system that combines the SATA connector and the power supply. The flap is also resealable – even though it’s only made of cardboard.

 Question: What type of hard drives can I store in a BytePac?

Answer: BytePac is designed to house 3.5' hard drives and it even fits 2.5' hard drives with an enclosed adapter. The folding opening is positioned in line with the hard drive's SATA connector. We even have the appropriate solution for your IDE hard drive. With our IDE adapter, it should be possible to use your older 3.5' IDE hard drives with the BytePac. If you're interested in connecting other types of (older) hard drives, please contact us. We will be happy to work out a suitable solution for you.

 Question: Is BytePac really as environmentally-friendly as you claim it to be?

Answer: Environmental protection is not simply an advertising gimmick for us. We take Green IT seriously – during production, in the materials used, in product operation and with regard to product disposal. In this sense, BytePac is second to none. Protect your data – and protect the environment. Find out more in the Green IT section. Green IT.

 Question: Won’t cardboard “wear out” much quicker than a hard drive case made of plastic or aluminium?

 Video demonstration

Answer: Cardboard, or to be more precise, corrugated cardboard has a wide range of uses. Nowadays, shipping packaging, ring binders and even furniture are made from corrugated cardboard. The corrugated structure affords extraordinary strength and stability, even with a limited use of material. As such, a BytePac made from corrugated cardboard will protect your hard drive from shocks and/or vibrations. The smooth surface and the careful workmanship also prevent abrasions. Compared to a plastic case, BytePac offers the significant advantage of not breaking if dropped. And should it get too dirty, the BytePac sleeve can simply be replaced with a new one.

To demonstrate just how sturdy corrugated cardboard is, we subjected the BytePac’s fold-out connector flap to a stress test that involved opening and closing the flap 10,000 times!

This is how the BytePac looked before the test:

and this is how it looked afterwards:

Can you tell the difference?

 Question: What would happen if you accidentally spilt liquid onto a BytePac? (The classic sloppy coffee drinker!)

Answer: Obviously, you should generally avoid getting any kind of electronic devices wet; that goes for a BytePac as much as anything else – but these things do happen. Should the BytePac accidentally be exposed to fluids, the liquid will simply flow off the smooth surface. There is no danger that corrugated cardboard will get saturated if in contact with liquids for a short time.

 Question: Hard drive cases are ten a penny … why should I go for a BytePac?

Answer: The reasons are many and evident:

BytePac is not only a hard drive case, but also an excellent storage system that can be custom labelled

It is extremely easy to use – not only IT ‘natives’ work with BytePac

Protect your data for future use and in anticipation of technical developments

Make Green IT more than simply lip service on your part

Use the hard drive of your choice

Save money! Use one BytePac for any number of hard drives

Still not convinced? Read more about the benefits.

 Question: Does BytePac come with a guarantee?

Answer: Yes, we offer a full 5-year guarantee on all electronic components of the BytePac Kit.

 Question: The classic BytePac is ideal for my own archiving system, but I want to give one away as a gift containing holiday videos. Can I print a different, or even my own, design on the sleeve?

Answer: A hard drive full of photos and videos sounds like a great alternative to the classic photo album, and a really neat gift. To cater for this we offer a design template which you can download here. Design your own sleeve, and print or decorate it yourself. If time’s a factor, order a BytePac with one of our Exclusive Line sleeves from the CONVAR Onlineshop.

 Question: I’m not a techie. Is there really no danger of me damaging a hard drive when configuring a BytePac?

Answer: There is a set of illustrated instructions on the back of every label set and again in our online download area. But honestly, nothing can really go wrong during configuration. Simply open the BytePac as you would conventional packaging and insert the hard drive so that the interface faces the opening for the connecting cable (fold-out flap). Then connect the BytePac to your PC with the SATA cable. Your PC will recognize the BytePac as an external data carrier via Plug&Play.

 Question: Is the hard drive not an obsolete technology?

Answer: Today’s hard drives represent developments spanning decades, and hard drives are still the most reliable data carriers on the market. Data can be stored for up to 75 years on a hard drive, so storage technology is not really a problem. The main problem in the future, as regard data access, will not be mechanical defects or wear-and-tear, but outdated interface standards. A SATA-to-USB cable will no doubt be obsolete in a few years time. Feeder cables bought now should therefore be as flexible as possible. That’s the reason for the modular system behind the BytePac Connector Kit. It allows easy exchange of the modules to state-of-the-art standards, irrespective of the original interface.

 Question: I want to write about your BytePac in my magazine / blog / etc. Can I get a sample copy?

Answer: BytePac has already caused a stir worldwide due to its innovative concept and the uncompromising use of environmentally-friendly principles. We will be happy to provide you with a sample copy if you want to present BytePac to an interested audience. Please contact our press office for further details.

 Question: Where can I buy a BytePac?

Answer: Either directly here via the CONVAR Onlineshop , or from one of our distribution partners. See here for a detailed list. here.

 Question: I am a dealer and would like to sell BytePac – who do I need to contact?

Answer: We look forward to working with you! Please get in touch with our sales team for more information about cooperation options.

Any more questions?

Please get in touch with us.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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