Truly beneficial. Not “only” for the environment.

 Benefit 1: It’s simple, neat, and space-saving

BytePac is more practical than any other external hard drive. Place the hard drive into the BytePac, close the lid, slide on the sleeve, label – and voilà: your digital data binder is ready. Place it on the shelf alongside your other binders, stack it on your desk or store it securely in your safe. No cable spaghetti, and ready to use at the flick of a switch.

Finding instead of searching. BytePac can be labelled like a binder and stored on a shelf.

 Benefit 2: It’s environmentally friendly and sustainable

BytePac is the first IT product that has the potential of turning Green IT into reality – from the materials used and the packaging right down to operation and disposal. Packaging and casing are one and the same, and the outer packaging can even be re-used for archiving. The Connector Kit and any supplied hard drives don’t require additional packaging either. Manufactured from renewable primary products, BytePac preserves our resources and is 100% recyclable. The Connector Kit is energy efficient and the modular system cuts down on extra cabling.

Zero waste! BytePac is both packaging and casing in one, you can even use the shipping packaging as a desktop rack.

 Benefit 3: BytePac makes your data future-proof

Stay on the safe side. Use only high-quality hard drives, keep your data archive accessible over decades and reap the rewards. The BytePac Connector Kit provides the connecting links to your data, irrespective of interface standard changes. Today it includes USB 2, tomorrow it will have USB 3 … and 10 years from now? If and when your interfaces change, simply upgrade your interface modules to the latest version. The modular system makes it so easy.

Enjoy yesterday’s photos today, tomorrow, and in many years time. With the upgradable BytePac Connector Kit.

 Benefit 4: BytePac saves money and doesn’t spare on quality

Your data is worth storing safely. When it comes to external hard drives that are shielded in non-transparent casing it can be difficult to ascertain their true quality – is there really a superior brand product inside? With BytePac, however, it’s entirely up to you to decide on the quality of the hard drive you want to use. BytePac takes care of the storage and connections, and the Connector Kit provides highly efficient, superfast data throughput.

Use your BytePac with high-quality hard drives and save yourself the hassle of expensive, yet often inferior equipment.

 Benefit 5: Functional design and user-friendliness

Setting up and connecting a BytePac is simple and straightforward. When not in use, it can be filed safely on the shelf. And as soon as you need to access your data, take out your BytePac, click open the collapsible stand and connect the cables from the Connector Kit. Done! The passive ventilation system will protect your hard drive from overheating, and the flexible cardboard spring inside the box ensures a perfect fit and smooth, vibration-free operation.

Well ventilated, shockproof and low-vibration. BytePac is the ideal ‘home’ for your hard drives.

 Benefit 6: BytePac is unique. Design your own

Pick your own design to reflect what’s kept inside your BytePac: keep it classic in natural cardboard, refine it with embossing or motifs of your choice, customize the sleeve, include text or illustrations, add labels … The creative design scope lets you craft your data carrier case entirely to your own taste and needs. Why not even create one as a gift for friends and relatives?

Customize your BytePac. Access a unique variety of design options.

 Benefit 7: BytePac fair & socially responsible

At CONVAR we are very conscious about fair production processes. We cooperate with regional partners and use raw materials as far as possible. Our relationship with customers, partners and staff is marked by openness and fairness. We produce BytePacs at our company-owned production site, avoid price dumping and pay fair wages to staff and fair prices to suppliers. Our commitment extends to cooperation with welfare facilities. BytePac is manufactured in Pirmasens in collaboration with the Heinrich Kimmle Foundation.

BytePac is a thoroughly fair product. It is manufactured entirely in Germany and in cooperation with welfare institutions.

 Benefit 8: Bytepac is recommended by experts

BytePacs are used every day in the labs at CONVAR - Die Datenretter®. As such, first-hand everyday experiences are regularly reported to R&D by professional users and flow directly into BytePac product improvements. This feedback of vital data on heat distribution, vibration absorption (smoothness), and storage and handling of data carriers ultimately makes the BytePac what it is – the ideal home for your data.

BytePac was developed and tested in cooperation with CONVAR - Die Datenretter®.

 Benefit 9: No more data loss

If you get a new PC, simply remove your old hard drive and give it a new home in a BytePac. That gives you one-click access to all your old data – just in case you forgot to copy something onto your new computer or need to retrieve files years later.

Archive data from old PCs.

 Benefit 10: 5-year warranty on all electronic components

We use only high-quality and certified components for the electronic parts in BytePac to ensure it withstands years of use. Every single part is tested in our production facilities before further assembly. This guarantees error-free functionality and ensures long-term access to your hard drives! Our Connector Kit has also been designed to the same effect in terms of configuration, the high-quality materials used, and a targeted long life cycle.

We therefore give a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty on all components of the Connector Kit incl. the BytePac, valid from the date of purchase.

Pack. Connect. Pack away. Simply bytepac.
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